In 2012 I did my first multi-day tour on a bicycle, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, over the span of six days. Ever since then I dreamed of riding across the continental United States and experiencing this country from a very unique perspective.

Major life events eventually put me in a position where the answer to the question of “When?” was almost obvious: “Now!”. Because now is as good as any time to begin.

On July 12, 2015 I headed out from the San Francisco Bay Area, making my way north and eventually across to the East Coast, with Washington, DC, my immediate destination. What follows after that shall be worked out along the way.

You can follow my progress along the route and get updates along the way through this website. I’d love it even more, however, if you’d chose to stalk me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more immediate updates.

In case you are interested in a more detailed explanation as to why I decided to do this and what events led up to this, I invite you to rummage through the mountain of words on the “About” page of this site. Have fun.