The first 200 miles (San Mateo, CA to Mendocino, CA) are behind me, however they took me longer than I had initially hoped. Maybe I should have put less time into researching gear options and more into actual route planning.

One thing I did not factor into my planning process: prevailing wind patterns. The vast majority of riders along the Pacific Coast Bike Route cycle from north to south for a good reason: wind. Nine out of ten days it blows from the north, quite forcefully sometimes. Naive as I was, this did not really come up as a crucial factor during my research. Doh.

Well, can’t change it now. I am going to try to beat the worst of it by being on the road early morning, since the wind seems to pick up in the afternoon and try to cover most of the ground until noon. We shall see if that strategy works.

My body seems to protest heavily, given the unfamiliar strain I am putting it under. It still needs to adjust to the daily grind that is propelling 279 lbs (rider + bike + gear) under human power. It will get used to it eventually, but it takes time. That is why I got into Mendocino one day later than planned, taking it easy today and getting some time off the bike and recovery time in.

It will also be a shorter day tomorrow in order to be well rested for a close to 2000 ft climb the following day.

Some impressions from the first four days: